Let’s text till three and rant about all

Hold hands while meet and kiss long

Fill the photos on the walls of internet

Argue and adore for no reason

Stay under a roof and share bed

And let’s pretend it’s not love or anything else


This is what love i see around


To me you are!!

There comes a strange song from the woods sung by a lil girl, the lil boy never seen the girl before or heard such a beautiful song!!

Mesmerized with the girl he met, for a day few hours, the glimpse was lingering in his mind,he fell in love unknowingly then, knowingly later. He can’t have her always physically with him but in his mind. And named her Kannamma yes his first love fictional love!!

So if Kannamma is for Bharathi

You are to me !!

My first fictional love,I can’t have but feel forever!!

That Lil boy is the one named as Subramaniya Bharathiyar the poet most loved by Us (Tamils)



Holding hands

Holding hands is an opportunity.. blah blah is a quote by anonymous 😂 it is here because of the scenario I saw today.

To every young couple out there PDA is ok😂 unless you bedevil it😂

You can divide any relationship into three types (wise man told me)😜

1. Sweet

2. Understanding

3. Matured

All fellow bloggers in relationship check in what stage you are now

So these couple in a public transport probably no obviously in the stage one where they cajoled each other a bit louder 😂 other passengers were wailing, smirking 😂

The other passengers are 😜

that one aunty we know in the bus who talks/yells for no reason

that one uncle who never mind his own business

that one youngster who stare them like a creep 😂

that school gang who keeps commenting on those couple

And then me 😂😂 watching all.

Beyond dissenting the scenario or erupting about there too much PDA😂 I wish the couple to behave the same after 10 years rollicking each other but not Shamming 😜

Not a post just cuz I have no hands to clasp😂



I want one too😜

How about santa giving you a mobile for Christmas my mom asked me suddenly. I was clueless it was inappropriate when it comes from my mother 😂😂 cuz she wants my mobile to burn by itself.

When I asked her why? I feel like buying you as you never asked anything much for yourself nowadays

Nowadays means I questioned again. Nearly for a year maybe? Hey you want a mobile or what she looked me with her brows up😂

Hmm will say soon mom I ended our conversation.

Being a 90s Indian kid I always had a crush on the flip phones. I always wanted to have my cousin’s phone I think he owned sony.It was classy and posh when I see people using it.

Those were days where Motorola and Sony ruled, where me in my late childhood and early teens I felt I should definitely own one when I grow up 😂😂 but I didn’t own any,still.

I think I will buy the crowd’s favorite Nokia yeah the keypad version just to stay away from the smartphone world



Free advice #3

Feelings are something everyone should have. We say someone as wooden block/Stone hearted if they say they don’t have feelings and all but we forget the fact that even if we leave the wood alone it allows other organisms to grow on it.

Nature has a beautiful construction. Coming to the point it’s ok to have feelings it’s ok to shed tears.

If you wanna cry aloud then do it,but don’t cry more for the same reason that’s stupidity 😂

It’s ok to cry when it is true.

It’s ok to cry when it is wrong

At least we dint fake it.

Cry like a baby and forget it like a baby too.

Smile, eat and stay happy

Life is short live well


Free advice#2

Let it be my insta feed or FB or Whatsapp! My friends, contacts used to post selfies or pics of them took by someone else.

As a usual tradition😂 I give a like, if they are close to me I used to comment.In some pics of my friends, something will be missing if i think and notice I will find they miss their smile.

I used to ask them,”hey nice pic why you didn’t smile”

They say: I lost my smile / some one has stolen my smile/my smile is gone.

Me:😑🙄 seriously? Usss!!

Them: how a single can know the pain of love? You don’t know my problems.

Me: *starts the class*

How can you not smile for these reason? Start to smile and it will change you. Everybody have their own problem for that being sad or frowning won’t be an answer!!It’s ok to smile at least it won’t cost.

See if you smile it makes you more attractive and optimistic.

As I say to many life is short and we don’t know when our last enemy will beat us why can’t you be Happy smiling and having fun with what you have 🤔?

It’s ok to face problems it’s ok to be broken as only you are going to fix yourself.

I could remember the tag line of the Good day ad ”smile more for the good day”



Go find move!!

During my ug days we chose an elective subject named Principles of Management it explains all about management,even though it is new to us the way our staff handled was priceless, right from my school days I was surrounded with good teachers. He is the staff who was adored by every student,the way he taught this management subject gave me many ideas. And he is the one who sowed the seed of entrepreneurialism in me.

Whenever I and my friends seriously argue or discuss stuff we always end up with some social issues but not this time,we spoke this time and ended with a thought of doing something together, leaving all odds behind.I personally feel 20s are the best age to take risks and that’s why many end up in marriage 😂😂, if you ask a person in early 20s what you want to be? Their answer would be I want to earn more,2yrs back I said that to my cousin too.

At some point all we want is money!! working for someone won’t make you rich,but a smart work does. Work for yourself and try to get connected with like minded start a new firm think and grow

As a 22yr old young girl all I can say is

this is the age to battle with the life and to enjoy Lil things around, where we meet lots of people/temporary people who always teach us there is something to learn from everyone.