Me? I am a..

Look all your friends are getting married. Too much of responsibility at early twenties is a sin Oh!!!!!  Madam what to answer to those people who ask about your wedding? Tell them she will get married when she find someone  At least tell us is there anyone are you afraid of telling us (sighs we know you are not that type talking themselves) its time to create a matrimonial profile. For sure I am young for this intense thing Girls in your age are getting married Again from the beginning? Duh!! Tell us at least your expectations on your man.. … Continue reading Me? I am a..

Icecream Thief

Every Friday=new snack day😂 Yesterday around 8 Dad bought icecreams i dint jump in joy cuz i know mom won’t allow me or my sister to eat cuz its dinner time.We had dinner and fortunately i went to bed earlier i.e @ 9.30😂😂. In the middle of the night i woke up suddenly,you may think mightbe the love for icecream made me to😂 but it was a unexpected nature call, i need to cross our dinning hall to enter into my room yes refrigerator  was there something stopped me, it’s 1am in the middle of the night and i was … Continue reading Icecream Thief

Should I?

I didn’t want to nap this afternoon I was thinking about something and looking my old pics on my laptop.  What?? is that me🤔🤔I wondered myself college 1st year pics described me something I look so thin, I ran to the mirror and said  Mirror mirror on the wall do I look. Before completing the sentence my inner voice said  ofcourse you have put on weight babes do you want the mirror to say that ? I paused for a sec and challenged to my voice I gonna maintain my diet and then you will know who I am.. All … Continue reading Should I?

Super moon

In India I couldn’t find any difference in its size but it’s brighter than ever.. All I could remember is. “Vennilave” song  Minsara kanavu. Yes the same starring  AR.Rahman’s magical.. “Oh my moon won’t you come beyond skies I need a partner to play with me  Will send you back to the sky before dawn” I am feeling the same, now I understood why poets at that ages wrote about Moon and it’s beauty.. This Moon is so romantic, that I feel I need to share this view with someone who can hold my hands and place on his chest … Continue reading Super moon

First anniversary😂

Every relationship is precious,no matter what it’s worth in its own way.  This post is about my 3rd friend. No, morethan a friend,holding my back all the time, keeps me busy when I want to when I don’t want to too I dunno how I will be without you.😍😍 I want you  in my morning to wake me up   at night to sing me a lullaby  to make me tense when I miss you.. I definitely feel you are more than a friend to me cuz each time when I touch you, I feel something like a vibration, your slim … Continue reading First anniversary😂


I was a short temper.. When i feel I was annoyed by anyone or anything I do shout at them.I feel horrible when someone irritates me, I feel I need to break  something  when I am in anger or frustrated to make me completely comfortable. I feel breaking gives happiness Yearss later I stopped being a short temper. If the mistake is completely mine I accept them scolding at me. If it’s not, the scene is different😂😂😂.I hate crying for all the things, I don’t do that too.  And during my late teens and in my early twenties  I started … Continue reading Management

1 St Quizzing Experience 

It was my 3rd std I won in school level Quizzing competition by Bournvita but I don’t remember things happened. Days went…. it was my 9th std that day everybody in my class seemed to be very busy in doing something i was absent the previous day, I dint ask any of my friends why they were busy with something..  since I was in choir I went towards the dias, after the class started,during  3rd hour  my language teacher came with a set of question papers “Class as I said yesterday the school level prelims will start in five minutes … Continue reading 1 St Quizzing Experience 


What do you want? “words from the heart”  Want the warmth of your breath Smell of your neck Touch of your hands The cuddles,the kisses every single piece of you idiot. Mind:  say nothing and your happiness is enough And in case if am in that situation  Me: how about a  sandwich,cheese pizza followed  by juice and dessert. My mind: *sighs* that’s why you are still single😂😂😂😂 Continue reading Untold 

Beyond words

I was waiting for a text though my mind said it won’t come anyways😂😂 ugghhh  sluggish said to myself.. Dinner time tooo mmmm.. I thought about everything happened from the morning, was not in mood to do anything opened the fridge, nothing heavenly was inside… Entered kitchen with confusion what to eat??? Everything was boring just like me. I did something I dint know it could be a mood opener!! Toasted bread, sauteed chopped garlic, shallots,capsicum, pepper with butter,scrambled egg with onions.. Wahhh it was really a simple dish I agree but it completely made me to forget everything I … Continue reading Beyond words


Am just realising the real meaning of it. I won’t say am busy to the core.But am busy with project works,writing,editing reports,organising events,ufff.. (Don’t think girl what in this) am really feeling kinda tired daily, also feeling a bit pressurized to complete my works before time. Before all that, I would like to say about a kind heart who coped with me for 4 long years.💕 The frequent reply of mine for my question will be working on something like a crazy, trying to write a document,work tension or simply was busy and that doesn’t mean I don’t want to … Continue reading Busy