Let it be the scream



When you call/say my name

it sounds my favorite as everything around comes alive.




Waiting to cross the skies

Just to be with you

Yes I am moon

Following you unknowingly!!


If you ask me what is beautiful thing i know? I will say Moon.. I love gazing it all night and am doing it right now ❀❀

Good night bloggers

F word

I F I can’t

love you

hate you or

F you

What have you done to me?

Let me F someone soon

Let my F be my comfort!!

I really wish to F you

May be in F when I F my F love


Ahemm future, find, feel, friend forget forgive, forever, these are the f’s I have mentioned rest is up to your imagination

Oh my!!

Sometimes you annoy me

Sometimes you won’t get along with me

I can’t hold you tight!!

I can’t let you free!!

When you get stuck somewhere randomly I am afraid

Yes I am afraid of losing you

Yes it really hurts when you fall

It hurts more than a break up

Above all sometimes I wonder

about you!!

Oh! my curly wavy long hair!!



When you are about to study lessons random thought arise and when you can’t help it you post. Happy Sunday ppl