My answer :)

It was easy to ask a question.. The question everyone ask to me was/is/and will be would be how you guys are meeting frequently though you are in different cities or how you are always sticking together? For this friends day I gone through a question why you didn’t greet or post anything regarding your friends today..πŸ˜€πŸ˜€ isn’t this hilarious??we get remembered to something only when we forgot πŸ˜€πŸ˜€ I never needed a special day to celebrate the bunch of crazy people I got, a proud to be weird gang of mine We do celebrate friendship everytime whenever we meet. … Continue reading My answer πŸ™‚

Not just a stray dog

Thanks is not a word its an emotion this is an usual sentence i use while inviting someone for addressing vote of thanks, whenever i compere at college. Would like to share a experience which makes me feel aww and wow at the same time. It was a rainy day i found a him under a tree next to my home, shivering.. i opened our gate and gestured him to come in he came in and wagged his tail. He started roaming in our streets from then, dwelled near the tree i saw him for the 1st time.I feed him, … Continue reading Not just a stray dog

Friend’s wedding

How do you feel when your best friend get married? I felt in this way I knew her for 2yrs she joined our school for Higher Secondary. A plumpy girl,fair, dimple on her cheeks,innocent, a public speaker,loves Tamil literature, Tomato rice and potato fry  and obviously me πŸ˜‰ The one who cares me, always think high about me though i am nothing,who says I like your attitude says you are my best friend all the time. Yeah time separated us She too chose engineering,but in different city. She never forget to call me when she was in hostel. Whenever she … Continue reading Friend’s wedding

Is that my friend!

It was my friend who is suchaa funny person to be with. He was one of my teammate during UG days yes the organizing committee.We spent maximum days in wandering around together in the campus,very recently we spoke just wondered am I speaking to the old friend of mine? Just amazing..  I couldn’t believe the way he explains life to me from my early twenties to my late fifties being so empathetic.  I was like  buddy “When you get this enlightenment” Ya that would be a great shock to you when Your friend speaks philosophy..πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ And I ended the call … Continue reading Is that my friend!


It was a boring day my junior Sara gave a chocolate to me when I entered the bus I smiled at her(sign of thanks) and sat in my seat!! I seriously forget the chocolate!! It was very chilled afternoon the weather was so dizzy after 2.30pm That time I was busy in organising Vishvastra 2k15( Engineers day celebration in the memory of the great Sir Vishvasariya) With a weary face I came to the class at the same time my Radio and Microwave Engineering professor entered the class!! He started the class I was searching my note to take hintsΒ  … Continue reading Moments#3