Spring time.

It was a pretty old movie I feel everyone can relate or connect with each other. A usual love story feels like unusual one. At the time of this movie’s release my friends talked a lot about it after watching when they gave a thumbs down I did the opposite. I did like maybe cuz of the aesthetic sense of the director an alumni of our college or maybe cuz it was mostly based on the feeling of a girl in love or maybe I loved the way the story goes or maybe just cuz of the bgm and the … Continue reading Spring time.

Something about him #4

Be with someone who make you laugh when you can’t they say if i want to be  with someone that someone would be Vadivelu.. Even in tough moment i  remember his dialogue and laugh out loud.. he never need to talk his body language is enough, you may think its just a dialogue but it has philosophical meaning if you interpret πŸ˜‚πŸ˜œ So here you go what it is meant for each dialogue of vaigaipuyol.. 1.aaniye pidunga venam – never involve in things when you don’t have any experience as if you done it for the first time and if … Continue reading Something about him #4

Song lyrics bliss#3

Day before yesterday i saw this movie as a noon show its been said as a numb movie by many but it was the movie based by the most famous author’s novel though as a movie it dint win many hearts i found a song and its been in my head for two days and i planned to share with you all. There will be one person in our life who we can’t forget whatever happens,they will remain in our heart,deeeeeeeepp in our heart we will keep them as a secret eventhough they let us go,treat us damn. This song … Continue reading Song lyrics bliss#3

Song lyrics bliss #2

Here comes another post about a song i heard recently its from an upcoming movie by Manirathnam  Karthi nd Aditi as lead its another ARR musical flavoured with Vairamuthu’s lyrics. I fell in love with the song before it starts cuz its the strings that attached to my heart voice of Satyapraksh is another magical. I feel like interpreting the song in my blog as i wanted to continue my writing. There is a beautiful quote in Tamil if i translate roughly it means “tamil is the sweetest of all other known language”  The song is Nallai allai and which … Continue reading Song lyrics bliss #2

An usual

You should always remember that friend who introduce you good songs i hope i will be remembered. I used to check new videos on youtube likewise i did today, there trending asong  teaser from the upcoming movie Ennai nokki payum thotta a Gautam Vasudev Menon film, I am a huge fan of his works  let it be Minnale or Vettiyadu Villaiyadu or AYM he rocked always though he gave some  flops he was praised by his audience socially,specially by youths.  As  i said the teaser was a song, when i heared the 1st time i felt wow for its beats.Second time … Continue reading An usual

Annual round up

Part 2 collection of Non Tamil songs ruled my phone 1 Ae Dil he Mushkil/break up song Ae Dil Hai Mushkil – Full Song Video | Karan Johar | Aishwarya … [2:59] ( https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=vUCM_0evdQY ) 2 Vaarthinkaale I love this movie specially this song πŸ™‚ DQ Salman and Sai pallavi  made this song more romantic  3 Poomaram How can you miss this one, a complete song in recent time only for its music and Kaalidas he is looking adorable😍😍😍 4 Panineer/Muthe ponne  Panineer-This one is from my favorite actor Nivin he played a cop role in this movie and blessed … Continue reading Annual round up

Annual round up ;)Β 

Part 1 Kollywood hits ❀❀ From my childhood days I am addicted to the Music of the magician A.R.Rahman.I started listening to Illayaraja exactly the second year of my U.G and after that my playlist was filled by the songs of 80’s πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ so I was called as outdated by my friends **I never care that heheh, I feel it’s ok to adore the classics I won’t say I am a movie buff, but I do watch movies πŸ˜€.  Lots and lots of movies this year, every Friday there is a movie release though some hit the box office  a … Continue reading Annual round up πŸ˜‰Β 

Something about him #3

I would like to say him as the  beauty of true love. Why he is here? It’s impossible to change your own identity to win someone but he did.He is a loser,wickedminded though intelligent. I always feel up whenever I see him,cuz he is the one who taught me  Try  win or lose is secondary  But you should try and  shouldn’t stop trying even if you know the victory won’t be yours Just try. Beyond physical appearance the attitude should speak and he has it. The humour,the flinch,the romance,the grace, the evil, the wit, the friendly the pathetic oh yeah … Continue reading Something about him #3

Something about him!!#2

Very recently I gotta know him, he is one kind of person who is hard to understand.  Why he is here? Cuz, He is the one who proved all men are not same.I loved the character, his feeling towards her. I always had a thought,acceptance is love.When you completely fall for someone,their physical appearance and everything will be secondary. This character is so closed to my heart,i dunno why I cried but I did. He is rude,tough outside all he need is no one outside,but need someone inside to comfort his dark,to cleanse his soul completely.  Like a flower grew inthe … Continue reading Something about him!!#2

Β An epic.

​Like a river I ran and searched for the seawon’t the loneliness die why should I live after the breath gone away,a pain in my heart,just cuz of you I saw the sky I could’nt see the star which was once mine The stone heart of mine melts Somehow you gone faraway  Where is the the one who stayed as the music my heart beat? I couldn’t close my eyes as I seek a lap to sleep. Like the earth ask the clouds for rain am here singing, Without you I am just a shadow searching for the real. I … Continue reading Β An epic.