Something about him #5

What is love?

How love should be?

If I ask these questions to this generation I will definitely get variety of answers. Yet there will be few hopeless romantics like me existing.

If you ask me why he is here?

I somehow knew him from my childhood forgotten yet remains in my memory clasped my heart when I saw again..In the world of heartless people he is the best only with his soul but not body.I will say he is the one who made my eyes wet made my heart melt(ya it’s ok to cry while watching movies).And make me feel, kissing has the power to unite the broken into beautiful.

He did matched the thought I had about love keeping the others needs before ours and love them even after you can’t be with them. If you say love is blind (sometimes it has big wide eyes) love is unique then he is the best example.

For he loved her with all love and his love was the only answer for the questions she had.

He is here on the series for his empathy, innocence and that unconditional love 😍.

He is nothing but Casper 👻Yes Casper the friendly ghost!

There is really something loveable about him❤


P.s when I was lil I watched this movie with my cousin 😂 watched again the previous day and the movie made me to write and fell for him probably the only ghost movie I like (I won’t prefer horror movies)


Spring time.

It was a pretty old movie I feel everyone can relate or connect with each other. A usual love story feels like unusual one. At the time of this movie’s release my friends talked a lot about it after watching when they gave a thumbs down I did the opposite.

I did like maybe cuz of the aesthetic sense of the director an alumni of our college or maybe cuz it was mostly based on the feeling of a girl in love or maybe I loved the way the story goes or maybe just cuz of the bgm and the songs.

I saw this movie many times in this 4yrs but this time it made me to share the feelings I had while watching yesterday, if you take Tamil movies they mainly portrait the girls as the one who cheat at the end some how they will get back together that’s a different track when the heroine says no to the hero he get drunk fully and sing like the whole mistake was hers alone shout (sing) like

kill her or I never need your love or get lost kinda songs.

Here in this movie the same happens but the way of expressing it differs. Cuz the breakup happens to the girl she never sing like kill him or burn him into ashes.. but the boy does the same thing here too, the whole soundtrack was my favorite then. And at the climax the sad violin touch made me 😫😫 no don’t play this anymore kinda music it was soul stirring to me.

Though all the songs are the best the few lines that describes the girl’s heartbreak knowing that his man is not hers anymore is the awesome one.

Here you go with my translation

Does your heart ask? for this you desired?

does your heart yell ?not to long about him never and ever?

Have you gone mad? Or your soul got shattered?

You suddenly transformed into fire!

What you came to know is enough?

The plot is the female lead is a rich girl who is so devoted to her man and he is from a middle class background devoted to himself. It blooms between them and gloom suddenly. Even after so many fights, even they are apart or move on their own way some part of each other still stick can’t deny it.

If you ask me why you are feeling things too late my reply would be

Better late than never

They fought for a simple reason and ripped their relationship twice

I want to say that it’s ok to fall in love it’s ok to fall apart it’s also ok to go back to the one you love through thick and thin, it’s ok to break up too when you feel nothing is right. Even the movie says the same but it had different ending

He finally calls off the wedding for the one who left him once and whom he left once,as he don’t want to hurt the gonna be wife cuz after he met his love before 4hrs of his wedding he completely understood that he is still loving her unknowingly.

Finally I felt it’s ok to fall in love it’s ok to break up and still in love with the same person unless they feel the same way if not the whole thing is just a thing but not love.

All you need to choose someone wisely to be with you forever whatever happens and not to let you go but to hold you/your back, someone who come back to you no matter what the situation is,

Find someone who can bring spring in all season.

And the movie is neethane en ponvasantham

P.s while writing this I can’t control my inner voice that it says this is just a movie character you can’t find someone that’s why you are single still

me: it’s ok to be a hopeless romantic and a devoted girl.


Something about him #4

Be with someone who make you laugh when you can’t they say if i want to be with someone that someone would be Vadivelu..

Even in tough moment i remember his dialogue and laugh out loud.. he never need to talk his body language is enough, you may think its just a dialogue but it has philosophical meaning if you interpret 😂😜

So here you go what it is meant for each dialogue of vaigaipuyol..

1.aaniye pidunga venam – never involve in things when you don’t have any experience as if you done it for the first time and if it fails the next everybody will blame you

2.indha border thandi -never cross your limits in everything and know your limits

3.vaada poche- if you think it’s important and worthy do it immediately and once you started not paying attention it deserves someone else and that’s never be you..

4.ipdi usupethiye- think about the ground reality and then react never nod your head to everything ppl say..

5.unnaku vantha retham- never see partiality.being empathetic will lead you to success

6.varalaru mukkiyam amaichare-know yourself better,treat yourself like a king

7.be careful- always be careful before doing anything

8.plan pani pananum- just says about the famous management philosophy “if you fail to plan you are planning to fail.

9.ka ka ga po -prepare,understand in every conversation and be sure how you like it to move as an argument or an agreement

10.risk edukrathu- differentiation between survival and passion so think a lil bit about it as am started to think 🙂

11.building strong-explains life is a war handle with self confidence

And for this all I could remember is my favorite poet vairamuthu’s verse

“வாழ்க்கையே போர்க்களம்,வாழ்ந்து தான் பார்க்கணும்

போர்க்களம் மாறலாம் போர்கள் மாறுமா

an eye opener for me hope you like what I shared with you 😜😜😜😂😂

Thank you Vadivelu for making many laugh..

P.S you will understand this if you know,watch his movies 🙂

Song lyrics bliss#5

Day before yesterday i saw this movie as a noon show its been said as a numb movie by many but it was the movie based by the most famous author’s novel though as a movie it dint win many hearts i found a song and its been in my head for two days and i planned to share with you all.

There will be one person in our life who we can’t forget whatever happens,they will remain in our heart,deeeeeeeepp in our heart we will keep them as a secret eventhough they let us go,treat us damn.

This song in the movie occurs when the hero meets his married exgirl friend at New York who is too childish and naive to everyone, their meet was an accident and when she take him out for sightseeing the song occur with awesome lyrics by my favorite author/lyricist Vairamuthu.

here you go with the song and my translation

the song is like a conversation between two souls apart by relationship the girl answers philosophically with her childish attitude where the man hesitate to join with his old love. I am dedicating this song to someone 😉

Dear hidden fragrance already into the flower

What makes you come back to the flower again to make love?

Just cuz the breeze that encircle the fragrance came again

why you feel frustrated about the fragrance return?

In the river of fate we are the leaves that float along.

Yes we are going through the river, which shore are we heading though?

Tracks never can’t be beside each other

To hug each other tight we aren’t in a relationship.

You are thinking the fragrance will embrace you at point

don’t, it won’t happen

cuz rain is nothing btwn sky and earth

I closed my heart you knocked through the door

I closed the door you came again through my eyes.

though years change spring does come

some relationship we lose in our life comeback to bloom in different way!!

and this is how the song ends😍❤ i loved the way the poet concludes no matter what if the love we have on other is true they will come back to us.

GV.Prakash was the musician in this film Thammanah played lead and it was based on the tamil novel “Priviom santhipom” which means “we will part yet will meet again”



Song lyrics bliss #4

Here comes another post about a song i heard recently its from an upcoming movie by Manirathnam  Karthi nd Aditi as lead its another ARR musical flavoured with Vairamuthu’s lyrics.

I fell in love with the song before it starts cuz its the strings that attached to my heart voice of Satyapraksh is another magical. I feel like interpreting the song in my blog as i wanted to continue my writing. There is a beautiful quote in Tamil if i translate roughly it means “tamil is the sweetest of all other known language”

The song is Nallai allai and which means it isn’t fair, never know what is the sequence behind the song in the movie but definitely it is such a melody to hum for hours and hours..

Can you say to your love  “what you are doing isn’t fair in a sweetest way?” Vairamuthu used the classic tamil phrase here.

He is searching his love that he lost and the poet compares the girl to the moon in the 1st stanza

We can’t say the moon is not looking good  but he said so as it is hiding/invisible from him always.

In the second stanza the poet compares the girl to the flower.

I was waiting for you to bloom when i come near you withered.

another lil thing i noticed was

saying the night isn’t fair

it has two meanings

  • நல்இரவுoh good night you are not fair  being a good night and making me to miss my love isn’t fair (or)
  • நள்ளிரவுoh mid night you are not fair in the middle of the night i am missing my love isn’t fair

cuz i am here without my love..

Here you go with my translation

i searched you in the sky

but you reached the sea

When i fall in the sea 

you arise in the sky

you made me to wander in the constellations

made me to forget me

it isn’t fair oh moon

it isn’t​ fair oh midnight

If sound is being searched 

it ends in silence

If silence is being searched

it ends in wisdom

But when i search you 

you went away by hidding yourself under the clouds

it isn’t fair oh moon

it isn’t fair oh goodnight (mid)

i was waiting to hold you 

when you are a bud,a pearl

i was waiting to marry you

when you bloom 

before enjoying​ your fragrance 

from deep

you withered/fallen in the desert wantedly

it isn’t fair oh my scenting flower

it isn’t fair​ oh my flower garden 

it isn’t fair..


I love songs for its lyrics this is one such
long live தமிழ் ..

P.S friend of mine dedicated this song to me asked me to hear only yesterday i heard this  and iam addicted to its lyrics❤❤😍😍😍

An usual

You should always remember that friend who introduce you good songs i hope i will be remembered.

I used to check new videos on youtube likewise i did today, there trending asong  teaser from the upcoming movie Ennai nokki payum thotta a Gautam Vasudev Menon film, I am a huge fan of his works  let it be Minnale or Vettiyadu Villaiyadu or AYM he rocked always though he gave some  flops he was praised by his audience socially,specially by youths.

 As  i said the teaser was a song, when i heared the 1st time i felt wow for its beats.Second time i listened for its lyrics when the song end all i could do is wiping my tears off i dunno why I cried.. lyrics was awesome.. expecting the complete version soon.. magical lyrics by Thamarai..

here you go with my translation 😂😂😂

Dont ever talk a word back

just sleep on my lap

Let me care you like an eyelid cares the dreams 

Let my fingers run through you just like peacock feather 

I knew our conversations before it begin 

I don’t want the tears to come out of eyes 

i saved every single drop

as my eyes turned to a sea 

Even though i forget you 

i  never forget to remember you 

Though we are apart 

my love isnt a lie.



for sure this song gonna rule my playlist this year.

Something about him #3

I would like to say him as the  beauty of true love.

Why he is here?

It’s impossible to change your own identity to win someone but he did.He is a loser,wickedminded though intelligent.

I always feel up whenever I see him,cuz he is the one who taught me 


 win or lose is secondary 

But you should try and 

shouldn’t stop trying even if you know the victory won’t be yours

Just try.

Beyond physical appearance the attitude should speak and he has it.

The humour,the flinch,the romance,the grace, the evil, the wit, the friendly the pathetic oh yeah really a complete mixture.

Doing anything for the girl you like is something different going to the other extream which you never like to do but you do when it’s for her.**confusing nah?

Yes he is awesome

And he is Megamind😂😂 yeah the Blueguy with big head

P.s I love when he change himself to Hal’s space dad and say 

“it’s unfathomable like without fathom”😂😂😂

Even this one” may be  we never really know how good we have it  untill it’s gone.