From the depth of the eyes he spoke With beautiful gesture he communicated but through words he never!!!!!! Words do not bring/mean true perfection but your silence does!! i like you for being you all the time i like you cuz i do!!! i never need your passionate words!! your happy face and admiring smile is enough fOr me ALWAYS AND FOREVER!!!! Continue reading He


Your Silence!!!!!! great source of strength(you own) an ultimate weapon (you have) wisdoms(your) best reply yes an eloquent reply best act of ย ignorance best way to revenge act of a loudest cry sign of lonlinessย  the best answer for all unanswerable questions let me kill your silence with my incredible love!! let me eliminate your silence with my innocent kindness! let me crush your silent lie with my reality!! let me destroy your mask of silence with the truth you have but you never know!! let me silence your silence with my kiss!!!</i Love -Preethi Continue reading Silence

Just for you!!

Where did you got those curls.. from the dark clouds? What to say those lustrous eyes and the scenic stare? Your puzzled smile which mesmerize me all the time!!!! and your cheeks the radiant or kissable? or both?? Is your lips made of wine because i get high whenever i taste it!!!!! Your face is acute ( a cute) one!!!!! my dear Your arms is my destiny!!!! Your warmth is all i need!! You are my brightest sunshine and my coolest moon shade!!!!! My loveable love I wish to suffocate you with my love Lay on my lap let me … Continue reading Just for you!!


One day in the woods he held me fastย  and gave a peck on my cheeks!!! What shall i say the grit? The ONE who enchanted has left me after sheding his rare laughter He scramed and evansced from me yet resides in my heart forver!!!! What shall i say this mockery? He came infront of me like a powerful lighting When i tried to hold, he walkedoff from me He penetrated into my heart!!!!!! Wont you suggest a way to clasp him in my arms(bosom) hold him again and never let him go away from me??!!! The way he … Continue reading He!