Women in the metro#2

My circle stopped considering me as a girl 😂 as I am adulting now🙈!! So I have changed the title as women in the metro 😄.

Looks or character? A debatable topic,can you judge one by their looks? Maybe or maybe not but sometimes we do consider, there is a saying in Tamil ஆள் பாதி ஆடை பாதி (the dress defines you is the meaning) sayings aren’t right always.

It was a rushy bus I don’t usuallyget into a rushy bus and that day I chose to do. A finely dressed guy stamped a lady’s leg and she started to shout(in a rushy bus) yet he buttoned his lips by mistake he could have done,the lady dint consider the situation she wants him to ask sorry. The guy never minded her scolds or shouts😂 finally said what now?. He got down on his place, she murmured

sorry சொன்னா என்ன? போறான் அப்டியே!! 😂😂

After few minutes a gang of early teens got in with unoiled hair,sweaty shirts and dirty shoes with a different slang of Tamil. A boy was standing next to me and cuz of the unexpected break his leg kinda touched my slippers and said sorry ka தெரியாம செஞ்சிடேன்.

I said it’s ok with a smile.

He shed too.

Why this is here ?

This incident gave me the thought look beyond you see people are different and they mirror us sometimes.

It’s not about the looks but the attitude and the character that get along with makes the people beautiful and respectful

Stories to be continued…



Girl in the Metro #1

Maybe you can expect this as a series😂 as I experience more and more every day.

Singara Chennai isn’t new to me as I visited the place more than 5 times but now in my 22yrs I shifted alone to the big city. Usually I will be with my friends this time alone in the city.

Packed all my bag and baggage flew to Chennai the last month. I got that mixed feelings within me, will I able to manage the city?🤔 Many of my friends frightened me with their answers and ended with don’t worry you will survive here!!

On the very first day I reached the rushy bustand, struggling to get in to the bus, the lady who sat in the front seat nearby the door was seeing me as if am doing magic. I didn’t expect her to help, but I would be helping if she face the same.Ughhh I said to myself and the conductor came with a smile and said ”madom definitely you need to eat well atleast to lift your bag”

Grabbing my luggage I got down,ya I need to take another bus with the same mindset I tried lifting the bags, and a guy helped me to my eyes he is an 👼 sent from heaven.

And you can clearly see and say every bird is different just cuz it flies or have wings you can’t say that as a bird. Mosquitos can never be eagles.

After having a a tragedic travel for the first time I landed into the mysterious island yasss the working women’s hostel. Firsts are always special it’s my 1st hostel ever.

And then my adulting starts!!

Stay tuned to read my atrocities



The other #1

One fine day sloth and monkey met in a unusual party. The calm sloth and the talkative monkey became familiar to each other after exchanging their perspective and thoughts,though the talkative monkey felt awkward to be with the calm sloth.

After a few weeks of talking they both realised they met the significant other in different form. The friendship continued, hesitation died so does the secrecy. They gotta know eachother well. One spoke the other’s mind.

Mutual understanding is the key of any relationship.

And the bond continues..

Wait for their next story



Mom and me #7

It happens all the time!!

In the evening when I want to boost myself I say yes to coffee!!

My kitchen experience isn’t bad I somehow cook, it tastes better (to me). Whenever I am all set to make my coffee this happens

**Humms some song

Where is the lighter gone? **with the same tune of the song I was humming.

Looks the shelf above. Looks right of the stove and left, next to the grocery shelf.**I am still a cucumber!!

Keep searching preethi *self motivation in between want to scream Mom and controls!!

Finally,mommmmmm I couldn’t find this lighter where you kept 😑is this a home or what why things are misplaced all the time!!

She looks calm and I am panicking about the look!!

She gave me the lighter and said the usual dialogue every specs people hear, can’t you see with specs on too?? that damn bloody lighter was under the stove 🙄🙄😑

Ugh!! And that’s not the end!!

Me,boils the milk

When I am watching it keenly,it is calm as the sea when I turn to get my cup it turn to a tsunami!! Makes the kitchen messy and my mom angry!

I don’t want coffee I rushed to the terrace to escape from the scold!! And after 10 minutes coffee was there next to me!!

Mom and me