The other#7

Tell us,why him?

You have to give us valid reason to stay with him they added again

And she said

Hundred reasons to leave me yet he chose to stay still for stupid reasons.

If he is wrong he never hides his mistakes.

And he never forgets to come back though we plan to leave as if I am his home

What else do you want me to say?

Cuz I am speechless for the first time

How can I tell you how much this means to me?

Cuz we never measure our love

-Scribbler 😊


Love differs?!

The post valentine’s day chats were like this for her

So who proposed 1st is that you or him?

What?? She raised her brows up

Who guys exchanged gifts right?

Kisses,hugs,dinner, love you drama? We knew it 😉😉

They flooded her with questions.

For all their questions she said Nooooooo🤦

They went on a dubiety saying that we thought you guys love each other anddd..!!

She nodded and smiled gently replied them before they ask anything to her, of course I love him but I don’t want to materialise it or to show only for a day and no love you drama’s as well,

I know the way he loves me so do him, we don’t have conditions like others so we love unconditionally ❣️

This is our kinda love

She concluded with an aww

They were clueless about her talk and once again considered her as weirdo🙄

-scribbler 💃

The other #6

It was a Saturday afternoon, no body was there in the metro station.

Taka taka taka taka the foot steps echoed.

She: hey she whispered

He: hmm what

She: it’s nice to hear echoes of the foot steps right

He: I never listened to it

She: why

He: tell me what now🙄

She: listen…!! She looked around keenly

He: what are you doing

She: no body is here and she winked


She: Soooo, shall I shout aloud? It will be fun know??? She asked him with her brows up

He: Started to stare back thinking What on Earth she is?? OMG will I able to manage her? Said don’t shout you aren’t a kid

She: Either you and she kissed him

And then he knew who will he manage if not her.


The other#5

Ugh the signal.. so much traffic we have to catch the bus.

Why don’t you follow the traffic rules?it’s getting late we have to reach soon. He murmured.

In that rushy minute she said

Hey I wanna be with you

Will you bare me forever

He shared a glance

The signal turned from red to amber to green


சொற்றொடர் #1

என் எல்லையே

எத்தனையோ முறை இதே பொருள் தரும் சொற்றொடரை ஆங்கிலத்தில் கேட்டிருந்தும் ரசித்தத்தில்லை!!

ஏனோ இன்று எம்மொழியில்😍

“எங்க போனாலும் நான் உன்கிட்ட தான் வருவேன்னு உனக்கும் தெரியும்,ஏன்னா






என் எல்லாத்துக்கும் எல்லை நீயே

எல்லாமே உன்னோட மட்டும் தான்”

P.s: Trying to scribble in Tamil 🙂

Credits to my cab driver who played the song this morning!!

Nothing gonna change my love for you!!

You Never bore  me,

you are different

you are love

Successfully completed 6 months of work life in metro. Have I changed?

Yes I have in many ways.

One thing never changed ” My love for Briyani”

The soulful search made me to eat from all the notable restaurants in Chennai.

I love briyani like Karthik loves Jessi ” like crazy” 😛 (GVM fan bha),

Sundays should have briyani and only a good briyani can give you good sleep in the afternoon.

So far I have tasted  the most loved food in

Dindugal Thalappakatti,( best mutton briyani ),Aasife, Yaa Mohaideen ( great taste so you can wait in a long queue )Bikkgane, Paradise( I love their buttermilk) Zaitoon( outstanding arabian style), Copper chimney( Rich Mughal briyani ) SS Hyderabadi( the hot), RR briyani ( packed with love where two can eat in a pack )and Kolapasi

Though we have many places that serves best briyani’s  my personal favorite would be KOLAPASI

Just like my mom’s briyani, which gives you the feel ” oh yeah”. I have tasted all the food in their menu’s they are simply outstanding which gives you the memory of your favorite family member’s cooking.

Best thing about eating briyani is  nothing but after eating, explain the taste to your friend how it tastes and how you felt while eating, the sweetest revenge I  do through vm or through pics 😛 

I eat briyani whenever I feel like eating, eating briyani in sad mood is always best than eating in happy mood.I hate maths and to do calculations


badmood/moodswings +briyani = happiness probably the most satisfying calculations I ever made

My colleague Vignesh was really helpful 😛 in finding good briyani’s in the city.

Why do I like briyani?

The question many asked  the question I asked myself many times

I dunno why 😀 sometimes you don’t need reasons to love,


My love for briyani never ends. 


P.S  Post rightafter eating briyani (shrugs)

The other #4

It was their nth fight!!

Him:You made me go!! Whenever I tried to fix you broke everything and make it unfixable!!

Her:If you say you were gone tell me now

Will you be back?🙄 Will we be back?

Him: I don’t know

Her: so do I

Yes he don’t know as he never left her unknowingly and won’t leave her knowingly!! As they choose each other and never find for choices or options!!

Sometimes misunderstandings and fights are okay in relationship

It’s their love

Keep loving

-Scribbler ❤

Lil love!!

I am not a girl who goes and says the baby is cute can I hold? When my cousins born I stayed few steps back when they asked me to hold in my early teens, I used make funny faces at kids cuz don’t know how to handle them even though they are kids I always liked verbal communication. 😂😂

I am worse at baby sitting until my niece born!!

Fiona Savio

I got more attached to kids in my family only after her.I gotta know how to handle babies just after seeing her grow. I admired and clicked every single moment I spent with her. The way she crawl she laughs she tries to walk and fall and laughs after the fall.She used to kiss me and yes saliva will be all over my face though I enjoyed!! She is growing now, whenever I see her I cherish and remember days as a kid!!

I still remember this

one day she asked me what was my favourite flavour and colour?

I asked her to tell first

She said strawberry and pink!

I said I like chocolate and purple

After few minutes she said I think I like chocolate and purple too😂!!

Again she asked what was my favourite flavour in ice cream specifically apart from chocolates

I said Blackcurrant and few months later when we get chance to eat ice-cream together

She tried Blackcurrant when I asked why

She said you like Blackcurrant and I like you 😍

Have you ever been adored by a kid?Felt kid’s love? Thats the pure bliss! They don’t know how to fight or hold grudges or to be mean they will come back to you again all over even when you behave hard to them!!

Today is my nephew’s birthday being the naughtiest and shrewd kid in my family he made me to write😂

One day I went to his home,he was extremely cute and busy playing with his toys I shattered and he started speaking gibberish,ofcourse he was scolding 😂😂😂

When I started to make funny faces at him he began to weep😂 my cousin calmed him down,I went back to my home. I came back again to see him in the evening, he was in kitchen he came after hearing my sound and was standing at on corner of the hall!!

Oye come here I said

He came and sat on my lap and said

சொல்லுங்க அக்கா (tell me)

He forgot that I made him cry in the morning, when I called him with all love he came and gave me the same love!!

I kissed him on his cheeks 😍

After this I started to think Will I be like him now? Going back to the person who makes me cry? Being nice to them atleast 😝😝When they call with love all over again? Well,I will never 😂😂

Cuz I am not a 2yr old kid but a 23 yr old lady!!


Women in the metro#5

Today was a rainy day! Well am not in the mood to say #rain # illayaraja # bajji #coffee. As I am suffering from severe monsoon attack.

I was rushing to get my cab, I need to walk about 10mints. I left my home by 4.30 where my driver asked me to come by 4:35😂.

Due to my illness I am unable to walk fast. I did and I got heavy cough!!

When you are good at heart good things will always happen.

If you ask me how lazy and lethargic I am I will say I’m a pro😂😂. My cab driver started to call me

I picked and said will be there in two minutes but the actual time of arrival would be 10 min

I woke up late and thats where it all started I rushed and said to myself”please Preethi wake up early tomorrow” that tomorrow never gonna come 😉

Was walking and running to get the cab, suddenly an auto passed by.

Autooooo I shouted

Me:Main road thandi ponum

Him: ok ma

He was with his wife

and then me

uh-ohhh its there alone ride may be🤔

I came to my pickup point atlast, now the cab was late 😑 he dint come yet.

This auto driver was an angel to me and surprisingly he dint get any money

Me:Aiyo please have it

Him: it’s ok ma I helped you to be on time it’s not the ride!!

I was awwingg 😭

Cab came inbetween.

When I am late it’s not the big deal when you make me wait the scene is different 😂I and this cab driver shared the glare. When you interpret it would be

Don’t be late ever again.

I am late only today but you 😂😂

And it was just another day to office.


Were you hugged before?

You will never know what you want. Cuz you are not your mother, on this fine monsoon night unexpectedly I slept earlier it was a sound sleep.

I dreamt about the beautiful place someone holding my hands we’re about to talk something serious with flowers🤔🤔 I don’t know who was that person and suddenly I woke up cuz I was hugged. I don’t know how and why the person wants to see me in this un time

When I was hugged I turned something on I want something hot with flavours.

No one was there but me!! I ran to the kitchen and searched found nothing.

Opened the door of love and I found atlast, something waiting for me wrapped. I grabbed, touched with love eyes full of happiness 😍

Kept the pan 0n toasted with butter (medium flame)added some herbs and yes I was satisfied after drinking honey water ❤

You will never know when hunger will hug you

Be the someone who knew to cook

Eat three times a day when you are hungry it’s ok to eat time no bar😂 if u ask me I will say I’m such a lazy person but not when I am in hunger. I want something artistic, something soothes my palate when I am in hungry😂😂 aesthetics matters

Cuz that’s me.


Women in the metro#4

If understanding is the main source of relationship my cab driver understands me a lot than anybody so this happened today

I was asleep, I need to reach the office by 6: 30 a. M,usually the cab will be coming by 5: 45 a. M, today it came by 5 o’clock, I woke up by 4:50am, I need to cook for myself I was wondering what to do,

my dad has said be punctual you have to be on time to every single place if you are going to attend the local function be there before 15 minutes if you are going to catch a bus be there before 30 minutes if you are going to catch a train be there before an hour if you’re going for a flight be there before 2 hours

I will nod my head and say sure daddy I will do it but sometimes I miss when I plan the meeting with with my friends I miss a lot, at the same time I wont accept when people come late,

When called me this happened Madam could you please confirm your location I was exhausted because I am not a morning person I woke up I said Anna you came already? he was like yes mam I am waiting outside

I said wait for 10 minutes I will be there, I realised that I can’t make things so I said you can go I will come by myself, he said ok and left, few minutes later he called me madam shall I confirm as no show is it ok for you? I replied ya that’s fine. Tell me whats the matter Ma’am. I explained I was in the middle of cooking 😂😂 I said with laughter.

I can’t come even now even after 10 minutes he said ok madam I understand.

Meanwhile I was thinking how to reach office, what would I do ohh God I was cursing myself scolding myself for being late and lazy also I said that is ok you can manage(sometimes I talk to myself alot well you need an expert’s advice) and this happened suddenly he called me again said madam around 5:50am will be crossing your area so will you be ready by that time! I was like what really!! Yes I will come and pick you.

Awww thank you so much I said in joy!!

He replied in return give me what you prepared for breakfast and lunch.

I totally agreed knowing he was kidding, he was considering me and understanding my situation well❤ most of the drivers don’t!!

I really felt happy today it was a good start ❤ he really made my day, he was different from other drivers 😂

For one more time I decided not to snooze the alarm and to wake up early I know I gonna fail 😂😂

– Scribbler

Song lyrics bliss #7

How would you  feel when your favorite combo comes with a  beautiful package.

With naughtiness, longing, missing and lot more emotions in a single song?

I am enjoying the song in daily basis as I could myself with the song,  a writer has many perspective for a simple flower,

As a fan girl I feel like scribbling about this song.


We dint know the sequence of the song yet, though after listening to the lyrics I felt  like this, presenting you as a lil story


He is the person who know to fall in love with nature and the lil detailing of the sky and mountains,

His world should be different from the others, he is a lonely person who loves peace, silence, probably an introvert, who is never liked my many or any.


The poet has mentioned the person found a Sparrow

I imagined he saw/met a girl who is exactly as shrewd as a lil bird, a sparrow, talks  with happiness and full of enthusiasm who is admiring him from silence

Tried to talk to him in all possible ways. Exactly he fell and enjoyed the presence of the girl. And he got mesmerized after the girl’s behavior as she expressed her love without words, he felt like a dream , a surreal with her, yes obviously a nameless relationship but a long lasting one, he began to think is this a relationship or just being courteous?


As she began to enjoy the company she became excited and fly high in joy, and all of a sudden heavy thunder and storm hit the happy lil life they were living, which separates both, as he dunno where she went and he felt bad for the girl who gave a few glimpse of happiness in the nameless relationship. He did doubted  if she miss him like he miss her,

after they separated.


Surprisingly she left the place she belong even in the drizzle of happiness  she dint drench instead she cried for me with longing, though I left her I was in her mind, I never knew I will be in her mind




Women in the metro #3

Happily everafter

My 1st hostel encounter.. being a girl who never stepped out of my home cuz of my loveable family it was not ok to be in a hostel :/ its not that I don’t adjust with people but I was not ok.

May be cuz of the food

May be cuz of the bed 😀

Wasn’t born with silver spoon yet was born with fan and bed 😀 two mandate things.

I will never sacrifice my sleep for anything/anyone,I did.. when I found this hostel. For the 1st month I kinda managed with the food provided by hostel, biggest fun is my shift when the whole town sleeps I will be awake infront of a sparking screen well I am a bespectacled gurl.

Days went.. instead of meeting my friends I started meeting delivery boys who bring happiness from various places from the town, it was fun to eat.. thank god I dint explode, exploring new foods made my swelled purse thin 😀

Was asking my parents, to move myself in to a new 1bhk a home for me on my style I was dreaming about they said a big no as usual.

After a long hunt,with the help of facebook and my friend I find a flat and joined as a flat mate and then I breathed wel with a relief for the first time in this metro.

And this place feels like home


I like rain?!

Even I belong to the category of updating tons of status on Facebook but when I am new, after Mark introduced the memories column I felt like

What🤔🤔 why I posted these pile of useless on my page? ohh god I am an idiot!!😂

Now I am not getting mood to update, probably cuz of someone who hates posting things on social media and keep things secret 😂😂 well my life is kinda boring now😂

Whenever the rain comes, no whenever it drizzles I used to post

Omg it’s raining!!

I also see my friends update as coffee-rain- music-yourthoughts kinda posts.

But are we enjoying the rain?

I don’t think so!! As we were taught as kids to ask rain to go way cuz we want to play yes we human beings are selfish 😂

Even many times we shut ourself safe from rain. We want it badly to have holidays,we scold when it spoils our favourite dress,abuses when it remains stagnant on the road.

But when someone asks

Do you like rain?

We: Ofcourse Yes

Seriously?? Do we??

We are liars🙈🙈