Again I am back with the story about an app yes it’s about Sarahah 😂😂 in that I got 5 messages regarding my blog

1. Tale of two story seems lil dull add more romance rewrite again ( after reading this I kinda stopped writing the series thinking to reprise it)

2.Write a letter/essay/poem to ex ( I thought this is a competition or what) you have to don’t say you dunno how to feel.Write two versions of break up letter and it should have the sad feeling just like your romantic writing.

Let the other three remain as secret😂

I was totally confused to write,being single right from the birth and came up with this

2. Dear ex

Hope you are doing well,I am glad about your new life.stay blessed tell your girl that she is lucky to have you i am happy for you

with love me.


Dear? Ewww hey

Happy to see you screwing with your life, get lost you moron,I never know your girl like my leftovers.

Just die I don’t want to see you


I dunno how to write a break up letter hope to write soon 😂😂

just another crazy writing no offense I hope someone will be semi happy after reading this.



The Tale of two #4

4. Relationship

That I really want to know her more,her favorites,her dreams, dislikes,fear, everything my instinct said she is the one but I couldn’t agree.

I called my colleague Karen and she was ok with my deal morning around 6 I rang Nethra after a long ring she picked and said morning who’s speaking with a sleepy voice before I spoke she did I said p.g was ok she said thank you brother I don’t expect your call by the way why your voice sounds different?

I couldn’t hear anything my moment stuck with the word brother it echoed over and over even in slow motion like thhhhaaaankkk yooouuuuu brrrooowwwttthhheeerrrr.

I came to conscious and said with my colleague.

Ryan is that you why you didn’t say it was you? sorry I mistook it was the pg guy I completed we giggled. You can shift by tomorrow she said hmmm Hmm I expected a thanks buddy I said.

Ryan I really hate phone talks will text you ok she said added sorry for saying you brother and thanks for the help. Ok bye she hung.

Ting phone beeped it’s her have a nice day at work see you soon thanks 🙂 I replied-too formal Nethra take care!!

That evening I arranged a meeting with Karen and Nethra, they get along well where I became the stranger to them. Nethra said by tomorrow evening she will shift and asked me to join her. The next day we took all her luggage and went to Karen’s home and arranged in the room Karen allotted. She had a pillow a lil pillow and a blanket oops usually everyone has right :p She had a piggy bank, her bag isn’t messy she had lots of clothes with her she asked me to stay quiet I sat on her bed while she was arranging things. I noticed that she never had a make up set except a three shades of lipstick and 4shades of nail paint and 4perfumes I wondered how she is so organized that she keeps wherever it has to be I remembered my mom after a long time. She decorated the windows with serial lights and added windchimes her room looked amazing. She went to the kitchen, arranged it cleaned it,in minutes Karen and Nethra became friends.

Nethra wants everything perfect I could remember by mom she made me to remember her. I went home after spending few hours with her sorting stuffs and having dinner together.

She smiled at me when I leave

Around 11pm

Ting!! Phone beeped unusually I thought it might be shyam but my screen showed me this

1 new message Nethra!

To be continued 🙂

– scribbler

The Tale of two #3

3. The Wedding.

We were busy it was a perfect Indian wedding without noise pollution if you know what I mean;) I never met Nethra in person since our last meet I said to Shyam what she asked me to say. My eyes were looking for her in that Lil crowd.On his wedding he looked handsome and Neha looked pretty

suddenly like a breeze she came into the hall wearing a red saree she looked like a evening sky that blushes after the sun heads down with a smile on her face.

She waved at me and stood next to me.I whispered where have you been i couldnt see you hardly a for two days ?why are you late and look so weary?

She said “Oh my second mom, I was busy with the bride and packing her stuffs for their honeymoon calm down” You look great Kurtha suits you she added I laughed. After the weddingparty we had time to spend she asked me when’s your wedding? I said after yours

I don’t think I will get married soon.. not all girls like to get married some like to save money and travel around she looked at me and winked

Maybe you should travel after your marriage I said and added definitely you need someone to click pics around 😂😂 as you are hardly satisfied with a single pic 😂😂

She laughed with me and said I am looking for a p.g Ryan do you know anyone? Already I booked but he is saying no to me suddenly she sighed

When’s your classes starting? Hey you can stay with Neha right? When I asked these She rolled her eyes and said with the newly Weds? are you nuts? Between I can’t take all the drama that includes in this thingy.

I dunno what drama you gonna see. Will ask my colleague and inform you in a couple of days I assured her.

Till then you can stay with us says a voice from behind it was Shyam’s mom Ryan you her before huh? And added she helped me a lot in this three days by hugging her..it was sweet that she attracts everyone I replied ya Amma I knew her – Neha’s friend na

You are stunning in this saree ma said her.. yes she is I said to myself.

After a chit chat she left us alone.

The big wedding was over glad tomorrow is Sunday I was thinking in my mind and she suddenly said what are you thinking listen I will be here for a year take me to some good places whenever you are free and don’t forget to ask about my p.g.. sure I hope we will hangout again between are you not comfortable staying inside the campus? I asked

Why not I have applied for that too.. they said they will call me in a day or twomaking more options so that I can pick the best she said…

Call omg am not having her number.. how to ask her would she mind if I.. while thinking she interrupted and said how would you contact me idiot have my number don’t forget it Ryan will kill you she smiled ohh she is cool why I am overthinking about her ughhh i murmured after few hours she went with Shyam’s mom saying me good bye.

I started thinking about her suddenly, while searching my document I took a look around my house how it would be if she stays with me.

Mind voice alarmed it won’t happen don’t imagine.. but I had a strange feeling that…

To be continued 😉


The Tale of two #2

                 2.The Franndship 

I reached his room I found Shyam he look tensed said

 Ryan I don’t want this

what😣 I screamed

 I mean this suit for wedding man look this I don’t like it mom wants me to wear this one..

I was like excuse me ?? you idiot for this simple shit you rang me huh?I was afraid you moron I shouted 

Neha came inside the room without knocking along with the beautiful girl and we both were  stunned! I realized a lil why he was surprised along with me? And then Neha introduced​ her this is my close friend Nethra more than a friend she is my sister she hugged her. Shyam panicked suddenly and I could sense. she smiled at us and shook hands with Shyam when Neha introduced​ Shyam as her fiance.

What is she doing I asked Neha. You can chit chat with her later it’s time for the function the ladies giggled and slammed the door. Come on shyam groom should be there before the bride I said and saw him he didn’t change his pose but looked at the closed door. 

Dude I shook him he replied “my ex with my fiance” i gave the same reaction that I gave few minutes ago What are you saying da?   Shyam’s mother interrupted us. Come on it’s getting late she urged.And the function went well 😇

Nethra was there helping around and managing things but not with me.The next day I asked shyam what had happened.. 

He started saying the story 

She was 3yrs younger than me I met her in my college during culturals she was multitalented proved herself in dance, music,quiz and in debate I was surprised,stunned to see this girl, she was bold and simple I fell for her literally 

Just like you fall for other girls I said.. he continued she is different.. after six months she accepted my proposal thought I would be good for her but she was not my type I realized it later! She was so true to me but I am not. So one fine day I broke with her. That’s it.  He ended 

I said that’s​ it? What does it mean not your type ? I asked him he replied 

she was devoted da no PDA no hugs no kisses but she loved me surprised me with lil things I felt it was kiddish.. I was with her for 6 months cuz I met her while doing my final year then I got my job in UK came here after 5yrs Neha gonna be my girl, 

a complete arranged wedding is waiting we both said.

Are you feeling anything​ I asked him.

He replied yes she became more beautiful and I am feeling a lil worried that she may say about me to Neha. I  nodded my head thinking I don’t think so.

Wedding in three days don’t worry much I said.

Shyam was exhausted and said why Neha never said anything about her so called close friend? I sighed but deep inside I was thinking about Nethra unknowingly,  there went a conversation between my  mind and heart 

Won’t she feel odd when he hold other girls hand? No May be not it’s been​ 5yrs

She might have fallen in love or might have someone..

Maybe yes Maybe​ no.

Do I like her? Yes you do like her 

While these conversations I found her playing with kids  

Oh! She is cute I murmured. 

Again the voice inside me said if you want to talk go talk, never think about the past.. idiot you are single for toooooo much years and after a long time you fell for her remember….I started to think what to do if… Ugh life is full of ifs and buts go talk..

With all guts I went near her, kids were chasing here she ran fast and when I said hi neth we fell together on the lawn and​ again her hair strand stuck with my shirts button 

Sorry I didn’t  these kids she laughed

 I liked it when she laugh talk and breath heavily at the same time  oh dear hair strand tangle ultimately please she smell like a dream, so fresh I said myself looking at her  

No this is not love I am sure but I like her

Finally we got up 

Sorry Mr she anticipated me to say my name..

I said Ryan it is and you are ?

Nethra she said with a smile

 Shall we have a cuppa coffee I asked? boldly :p

I don’t like coffee she said 

Definitely she’s not the one I thought, cuz for me coffee is life while thinking she said you have coffee will give company let’s go she said we went and I was curious to know about her 

So nethra what are you doing? I started 

As of now I am doing nothing will be joining in a master’s program by third week from now.

Oh that’s great I thought you were here for your​ friends wedding alone 

She smiled but never asked about me, I asked about her family,her friends, she said everything but never asked mine. 

Finally my coffee and her chicken soup arrived, she asked me the 1st question, Did Shyam said anything about me? I was stunned never expect or prepared  to answer this question and I said no but nodded yes, am I a stupid 🤔🤔..

She laughed seeing me panicking, chill… She touched my hand.

Neha knew my story but never know the name of the boy tell him not to blabber cuz she love him head over heels. And I will never spoil the happiness of my friends life by the way Neha is my childhood​ sweet heart 

Are you feeling odd? I asked 

Her eyebrows went up and she said why should I?

While dancing you said right I asked with lil hesitation, she smiled and said idiot don’t you remember what I said “someone tried to broke me” but I didn’t and continued I am not ready to waste my time on someone who never deserve me Ryan. I agree I cried a lot I felt lost but after realizing he was just exploiting me and never loved I felt bad about myself for choosing the wrong one after that I started celebrating that break every day.

Saddest part is that was my first love i failed miserably 😂😂😂 

So is there anyone in your life now I asked..

Am I mad to love someone again? But I may be I dunno Ryan she giggled 

So tell me what are you? she finally asked. I am working as a General manager in an MNC 

Oww you are a busy man she exclaimed. Isn’t it crazy that I said everything kinda deeper about me just in a single meet?she added

I replied nope but you are crazy..

Friends?she tilt her head and asked me

I said yes I never knew she will be my friend this soon 

 To be continued


 The Tale of two #1

Back to blogging after a long time. to be in touch with my writing I have come up with the blog series “The tale of two” this couldnt be your love story 😉  

disclaimer being single for years I tried to write with lil romance cope with my writing😂 here you go with the tale of Ryan and Nethra.

                   1. The Celebration

The flower and light decoration, aunties in gaudy sarees, uncle’s in sherwanis, makes​ sure that I am in the right place, total Indian wedding things I found in UK this is an idiot’s engagement function, my friend Shyam I knew him for 3yrs he’s a complete nut and kinda playboy but for me he’s​ just like home,I was busy in arranging everything for the party as Shyam’s mom asked me she’s​ sweet but his family was the craziest bunch of people you barely see in the whole world 😝.The place was full of people with celebration mode​ on.

Suddenly the lights were off in the dance floor every one was clueless about the situation and the deep house music was replaced by Desi beats cuz thats not the playlist I gave them to play.🙄 I wanted to  what’s​ exactly going on there I rushed to the place and found her..

Dancing gracefully? No never dancing like no one is seeing just like I wanted​to dance. She wore an Indian outfit of course a saree in a deep blue color with silver works matches the night sky and the stars. I was wondering who she could be!! She’s​ a star.. 

I was laughing ah no admiring at her expression all I could focus  was her move. I couldn’t control myself I went near her she said “Don’t​ stand still dance, enjoy the music” I replied “why you look so happier” she laughed,and swirled, the​n her hair strand stuck with my chain,while relieving herself she said  I never met you before but will say to you someone tried to break my heart  but  I am  celebrating it daily thats why maybe? she​ said I  replied you are celebrating cuz you are broke? You are weird but beautiful and … 

before completing my phone rang she moved… Shyam on the other side asked me to come to his room and said he is feeling something strange.. I was unable to go I felt I want to dance with her but i left the dancefloor, I looked for her and found her dancing with Neha. Glad I can ask about her later to Neha I said to myself.

I reached his room I found Shyam he look tensed I asked him what happened he said Ryan…

-to be continued 😉

-scribbler ❤❤

Is it possible #3

They came home it was a spiritual evening then they went to Neha’s home for dinner and had total fun, the celebration mode was overwhelming Sid felt something to see everyone with family and Padmini alone, though she was happy giggling and lot more he felt something,around 11 pm they came  back to their home the tired day made everyone to sleep but not our Sid he was thinking about the same, he came out to drink water there he saw Padmini with her headphones enjoying the chill weather in balcony 

He touched her shoulder she shocked and stood up 

oh Sid you frightend me she laughed 

why aren’t you sleeping now aunty its 2am sid said

huh? and iam asking the same dear  said padmini

i couldn’t sleep the both said  at once

Aunty are you sleepy now? shall i ask you two things? asked sid.

Of course  she said.

He asked suddenly ” why you aren’t married”

Padmini dint expect this question her looks nd expressions were the evidence.

sorry did i asked anything wrong added sid

nothing like that said padmini and continued

“Like everyone i fall in love during my  college days. We both expressed ourself after we got job.Everything was wonderful, untill he left me alone in deep abyss… 

I asked him why he didn’t give any answer but said it is for my sake, if he can’t make it why he did everything was the question in my mind …that was the time i felt bad  for myself started to think where i went wrong and stuffs… i felt the mistake was mine then i went to states,earned,lived,settled..

moving on was difficult for me in those days,but i managed somehow, i make many friends, travelled half of the world explored, experienced many she continued… then why you din’t get married ? you never met other person in our life?

she replied as an Indian girl it was tuf to manage my family, society and lot more, many teased me but i never felt bad about those the reason was

 i can’t hate him

i can’t forget those memories or him 

sid was like whatttt¿???

mmm Sid to make you understand lemme sing this and she  sang “love can touch us one-time and last for the life time”

he said well-done aunty😂😂 but it won’t suit now, being devoted and adoringthe one we love seems outdated 

true that your friend is an example said padmini

they both laughed and went to sleep..

Sid  started thinking..

“How is it possible for a girl to stay alone”



hi guys the story ends like this just tried to scribble something different but it came like this 😂😂😂 you can expect more scribbled stories soon