The other #1

One fine day sloth and monkey met in a unusual party. The calm sloth and the talkative monkey became familiar to each other after exchanging their perspective and thoughts,though the talkative monkey felt awkward to be with the calm sloth.

After a few weeks of talking they both realised they met the significant other in different form. The friendship continued, hesitation died so does the secrecy. They gotta know eachother well. One spoke the other’s mind.

Mutual understanding is the key of any relationship.

And the bond continues..

Wait for their next story



Love only #9

Treat me like a wonder

Then I will give myself to you

In the way you never asked for

I will!!



Love only #8

So how will be our 150th date night he asked her on their 3rd date night under the expensive lights and in front of the fancy foods.

She replied simply under one roof I will be wearing your shirt and you won’t go back to sleep starving