Moments #11

​Urrr urrr that vibration, the text followed by 1new message from someone, And just like that you need to see the window or drink some water or talk to your friend to see the message, and it will be meeting  at 1’o clock sharp assembly hall mainblock, sometimes drawing hall  where it start by sharp.😂😂  Getting permission to conduct functions at college from the management.. standing in front of Director’s room,chatting outside that silence when/if he scold us..  Staying upto 7pm for cultural practice, enjoying to the core at auditorium. if we have misunderstanding during pre/post discussion that someone … Continue reading Moments #11

Moments #10

A day with friends not enjoyed to the core but had lil fun,i wanted to go there again to explore the beauty of the hill station slowly.. seriously one and half day isn’t enough.. Where I enjoyed having street food it was hottttt and super delicious. Many problems cuz of the bus we chose,faced many awkward situations 😂😂😂😂while returning at midnight they stopped at some hotel for dinner while we were traveling towards home.. It was quite good… Not a star rated hotel Everybody was bit busy in getting down to eat I forgot my power bank with me and … Continue reading Moments #10

Moments #8

It was rainy day!! Our çollege bus got stuck in between that evening so we were asked to take another bus travel by the same route.. That bus was soo rush and we couldn’t get inside and sit comfortably.. I always wish to stand in the foot rest of the bus!! That was a epic day to do. I asked my friends shall we? They nodded fastly just like me.. So that day we enjoyed standing in the foot rest,commenting,enjoying,singing aloud Why should boys have all the fun!! Hahaha and yes we never forget to take pics as memories!! Being … Continue reading Moments #8


Yes I gonna miss,I dint know that I will miss you but I do.. You are the most wonderful experience thank you MCE.. How is it possible to forget the stone bench chats,gossiping, giggling, commenting… Chill outs at canteen,bunking classes,scolds from discipline squad,saying lie to watchman, the bigggg queue in office room, record works,corrections, surprise tests, suddenly asked questions during classes,staring the watch and window during lunch time,many foodsss for lunch,hangouts with besties, periodical test,class test,seminar moments,hahah I can’t forget!! Personal moments like spending maximum time in various club activities,  anchoring, wasting time at assembly hall, taking maximum number of … Continue reading Farewell!!

Shadows #3

HOw do I say them, 3idiots or 3devilish Barbies or a perfect girl gang?? At çollege you can see me with these guys,Sreelakshmi,Raji,Pavithra. Let it be being together, commenting others,speaking with eyes,doing kinda girly stuffs and yes that includes gossiping. There was a practice in our college “shuffling”, during first semester every student of different stream attend same classes*basic engineering.. From the second semester we will be shifted to our core,I was searching for my class and in that crowd I couldn’t see the notice board clearly I asked someone to check my class and that someone is Raji, hey … Continue reading Shadows #3

Moments #6

I am back to scribbling after a kinda gap. So would like to share about an event which organized by us.. It’s MAECENAS’16 a technical fest. Usually colleges do conduct technical events which will be very professional,I have been to many colleges to participate in events like this,so this time we organized in a different way every program was technically made, with lots of fun. Students from other colleges enjoyed a lot and we asked them feedback their replies made us to feel proud. we work as a team,our çollege has eight departments to make this event grand and successful … Continue reading Moments #6

Shadows #1

I thought to write about some beautiful and strong memories from my college.. So here you go with one of the memories.. Divya Bubbly girl with lot of creativity, strong thought on politics, good sense of humor, fine artist though kinda moody type. She was with me from the 1st semester,those days was unforgettable, she never speak to anyone in the class,I  thought whats wrong with her, she opens her mouth to get attendance. Only after that I know she met a great tragedy in her life(sorry I can’t mention here). In the second semester they usually shuffle students I … Continue reading Shadows #1