Don’t be too much

Don’t be too less

Know your values

Be like salt πŸ˜‰


P.s This is how a foodie write a poem oops scribbles



And I rewind everything happened between us

Yet I stuck with

Your First text

My first blush!!




I try not to yet I do!!

I can’t be sorry for being me

Dear darkness!!

Sorry for bothering you

every night.

Yes I am small I am nothing

But I can lit up your world

As I am Firefly!!


Never ending search!!

Like a magic you disappear

each time

I do search you all the time


Even if I buy dozens and dozens

You get lost just like my old love

My dear hairpin and bands

It’s not fair!!


Love only#2

You can expect my so called love note inbtwn by scribbles.. I hope my friend will be happy now..

Never know

how time flies

when we are together

I wish I could stop everything

By kissing you long