Spring time.

It was a pretty old movie I feel everyone can relate or connect with each other. A usual love story feels like unusual one. At the time of this movie’s release my friends talked a lot about it after watching when they gave a thumbs down I did the opposite.

I did like maybe cuz of the aesthetic sense of the director an alumni of our college or maybe cuz it was mostly based on the feeling of a girl in love or maybe I loved the way the story goes or maybe just cuz of the bgm and the songs.

I saw this movie many times in this 4yrs but this time it made me to share the feelings I had while watching yesterday, if you take Tamil movies they mainly portrait the girls as the one who cheat at the end some how they will get back together that’s a different track when the heroine says no to the hero he get drunk fully and sing like the whole mistake was hers alone shout (sing) like

kill her or I never need your love or get lost kinda songs.

Here in this movie the same happens but the way of expressing it differs. Cuz the breakup happens to the girl she never sing like kill him or burn him into ashes.. but the boy does the same thing here too, the whole soundtrack was my favorite then. And at the climax the sad violin touch made me 😫😫 no don’t play this anymore kinda music it was soul stirring to me.

Though all the songs are the best the few lines that describes the girl’s heartbreak knowing that his man is not hers anymore is the awesome one.

Here you go with my translation

Does your heart ask? for this you desired?

does your heart yell ?not to long about him never and ever?

Have you gone mad? Or your soul got shattered?

You suddenly transformed into fire!

What you came to know is enough?

The plot is the female lead is a rich girl who is so devoted to her man and he is from a middle class background devoted to himself. It blooms between them and gloom suddenly. Even after so many fights, even they are apart or move on their own way some part of each other still stick can’t deny it.

If you ask me why you are feeling things too late my reply would be

Better late than never

They fought for a simple reason and ripped their relationship twice

I want to say that it’s ok to fall in love it’s ok to fall apart it’s also ok to go back to the one you love through thick and thin, it’s ok to break up too when you feel nothing is right. Even the movie says the same but it had different ending

He finally calls off the wedding for the one who left him once and whom he left once,as he don’t want to hurt the gonna be wife cuz after he met his love before 4hrs of his wedding he completely understood that he is still loving her unknowingly.

Finally I felt it’s ok to fall in love it’s ok to break up and still in love with the same person unless they feel the same way if not the whole thing is just a thing but not love.

All you need to choose someone wisely to be with you forever whatever happens and not to let you go but to hold you/your back, someone who come back to you no matter what the situation is,

Find someone who can bring spring in all season.

And the movie is neethane en ponvasantham

P.s while writing this I can’t control my inner voice that it says this is just a movie character you can’t find someone that’s why you are single still

me: it’s ok to be a hopeless romantic and a devoted girl.



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