The Tale of two #4

4. Relationship That I really want to know her more,her favorites,her dreams, dislikes,fear, everything my instinct said she is the one but I couldn’t agree. I called my colleague Karen and she was ok with my deal morning around 6 I rang Nethra after a long ring she picked and said morning who’s speaking with a sleepy voice before I spoke she did I said p.g was ok she said thank you brother I don’t expect your call by the way why your voice sounds different? I couldn’t hear anything my moment stuck with the word brother it echoed over … Continue reading The Tale of two #4

The Tale of two #3

3. The Wedding. We were busy it was a perfect Indian wedding without noise pollution if you know what I mean;) I never met Nethra in person since our last meet I said to Shyam what she asked me to say. My eyes were looking for her in that Lil crowd.On his wedding he looked handsome and Neha looked pretty suddenly like a breeze she came into the hall wearing a red saree she looked like a evening sky that blushes after the sun heads down with a smile on her face. She waved at me and stood next to … Continue reading The Tale of two #3

Me? I am a..

Look all your friends are getting married. Too much of responsibility at early twenties is a sin Oh!!!!!  Madam what to answer to those people who ask about your wedding? Tell them she will get married when she find someone  At least tell us is there anyone are you afraid of telling us (sighs we know you are not that type talking themselves) its time to create a matrimonial profile. For sure I am young for this intense thing Girls in your age are getting married Again from the beginning? Duh!! Tell us at least your expectations on your man.. … Continue reading Me? I am a..

The Tale of two #2

                 2.The Franndship  I reached his room I found Shyam he look tensed said  Ryan I don’t want this what😣 I screamed  I mean this suit for wedding man look this I don’t like it mom wants me to wear this one.. I was like excuse me ?? you idiot for this simple shit you rang me huh?I was afraid you moron I shouted  Neha came inside the room without knocking along with the beautiful girl and we both were  stunned! I realized a lil why he was surprised along with me? And then … Continue reading The Tale of two #2

 The Tale of two #1

Back to blogging after a long time. to be in touch with my writing I have come up with the blog series “The tale of two” this couldnt be your love story 😉   disclaimer being single for years I tried to write with lil romance cope with my writing😂 here you go with the tale of Ryan and Nethra.                    1. The Celebration The flower and light decoration, aunties in gaudy sarees, uncle’s in sherwanis, makes​ sure that I am in the right place, total Indian wedding things I found in … Continue reading  The Tale of two #1