Love only #9

Treat me like a wonder

Then I will give myself to you

In the way you never asked for

I will!!




Let’s text till three and rant about all

Hold hands while meet and kiss long

Fill the photos on the walls of internet

Argue and adore for no reason

Stay under a roof and share bed

And let’s pretend it’s not love or anything else


This is what love i see around


To me you are!!

There comes a strange song from the woods sung by a lil girl, the lil boy never seen the girl before or heard such a beautiful song!!

Mesmerized with the girl he met, for a day few hours, the glimpse was lingering in his mind,he fell in love unknowingly then, knowingly later. He can’t have her always physically with him but in his mind. And named her Kannamma yes his first love fictional love!!

So if Kannamma is for Bharathi

You are to me !!

My first fictional love,I can’t have but feel forever!!

That Lil boy is the one named as Subramaniya Bharathiyar the poet most loved by Us (Tamils)




Being a tomboy and being a misogamist, dominating character people usually say
Ohh girl I pity on the boy who gonna marry you😂😂😂lol. Beyond odds they forgot a thing I am girl somehow I will get married to someone.(being Indian).

Obviously the tint of romance hugged me when I started reading Rumi,gibran, Neruda,Bharathidasan and Vairamuthu leads to write quotes on love and romance.

Misogamist the term i am using from my teens might be because of the environment I live in I do know about my family they don’t allow me to live in peace* alone😂😂
As my college memory asked me to write I am writing this Prithivi anna here you go..

To the man I gonna marry(I dunno with whom you are dating now)
Phewww fictional love come to me soon 👊👊😂😂
Life is full of surprises.
I will say you are the luckiest as well as the unluckiest fellow in the world.😂😂
Marriage is a intense shit according to me. Remember I won’t treat you as a king
I won’t treat you as a doormat but as man of mine. From childhood I had a habit if they say it’s yours I think I own it completely and in your case it’s the same. I respect your past,but you are completely mine now.So need not be worried I won’t kill you with love.
But for sure I will be devoted and “dependent” yes I mean it.

I talk more I argue more I will love you beyond :).
Your day will start with my forehead kisses. And with healthy breakfast oh forgotten I am a good cook 🙂 we will be rushing to work I won’t make you feel tense by yelling at morning like every home has.
Your menu will be for lunch.
If you return to home by 6 as habitual you can expecta good coffee time with me,you can share things with me.
After dinner if it’s a movie night it would be always your choice as I am toddler in watching movie. And don’t worry I won’t disturb you during your FiFa matches.

There will be a good remote fights,pillowfights.
I will give your space,your man time,your
hangouts unless you are true to me😂

I love to travel I hope you do too let’s go for an adventure and make others jealous by being happy

Remember that parenting isn’t a girl thing be a best father to our kid
Cuz once a man failed to be a good father he failed to be a man

Let’s save something for our future a beautiful home for us fully made of love and memories.

Even in our 50’s i will say you looking into your eyes that I love you cuz I do.

Many more to say. I want to grow up with you,respect me and m faults,tease me sometimes,apologize when you are wrong when you are not.😂😂😂 Am a outgoing person and I don’t cry often obviously I hold egos,get temper easy.

Never ever expect me as your wife alone.
I want to be your everything.
Your second mother your friend your lovable, your first kid.

If you ask me do you have any expectations I will say no
Acceptance is love ya I am waiting to fall for you completely.
Come and haunt me.

P.S hope this is not published before!!


Love only #8

So how will be our 150th date night he asked her on their 3rd date night under the expensive lights and in front of the fancy foods.

She replied simply under one roof I will be wearing your shirt and you won’t go back to sleep starving



Something about him #5

What is love?

How love should be?

If I ask these questions to this generation I will definitely get variety of answers. Yet there will be few hopeless romantics like me existing.

If you ask me why he is here?

I somehow knew him from my childhood forgotten yet remains in my memory clasped my heart when I saw again..In the world of heartless people he is the best only with his soul but not body.I will say he is the one who made my eyes wet made my heart melt(ya it’s ok to cry while watching movies).And make me feel, kissing has the power to unite the broken into beautiful.

He did matched the thought I had about love keeping the others needs before ours and love them even after you can’t be with them. If you say love is blind (sometimes it has big wide eyes) love is unique then he is the best example.

For he loved her with all love and his love was the only answer for the questions she had.

He is here on the series for his empathy, innocence and that unconditional love 😍.

He is nothing but Casper 👻Yes Casper the friendly ghost!

There is really something loveable about him❤


P.s when I was lil I watched this movie with my cousin 😂 watched again the previous day and the movie made me to write and fell for him probably the only ghost movie I like (I won’t prefer horror movies)