Dont cry in my memories  Don’t burn my heart’s flame  Forget me!!  Forget those beautiful dream  Know my dear,everything scattered  your aim my path everything.. Everything went apart In(difference  Our eyes won’t meet again  I am the one who need to  go away far away from your world   Forget me dear!!  I don’t deserve your love  I am not the one for you  I don’t belong to your love  that innocent love  that love every men need  My broken heart cries stumbles when I see you long/crave for me still,  Dont ever give the space to keep my name in … Continue reading Don’t!


I want us to be Elixir/Nectar and Tamil  Tide and ocean!! Redress and aggrandize Root and tree!! Like Banyan and silhouette  Gesture and act Array and acquiescence Dias and braveness  Hardwork and success  Benefaction and stardom!! Like Fish and water Sky and space Mountains and appearance Spear and sharpness Stream and shore Bow and arrow  Poem and theme I want us to be Soul and body String and harp Flower And fragrance Honey and sweetness  Laughter and ecstasy Sun and moon Gleam and light! Above all and beyond everything💕💕 But not as strangers!! Another version of my post “song lyrics … Continue reading Wish!!