The Tale of two #4

4. Relationship

That I really want to know her more,her favorites,her dreams, dislikes,fear, everything my instinct said she is the one but I couldn’t agree.

I called my colleague Karen and she was ok with my deal morning around 6 I rang Nethra after a long ring she picked and said morning who’s speaking with a sleepy voice before I spoke she did I said p.g was ok she said thank you brother I don’t expect your call by the way why your voice sounds different?

I couldn’t hear anything my moment stuck with the word brother it echoed over and over even in slow motion like thhhhaaaankkk yooouuuuu brrrooowwwttthhheeerrrr.

I came to conscious and said with my colleague.

Ryan is that you why you didn’t say it was you? sorry I mistook it was the pg guy I completed we giggled. You can shift by tomorrow she said hmmm Hmm I expected a thanks buddy I said.

Ryan I really hate phone talks will text you ok she said added sorry for saying you brother and thanks for the help. Ok bye she hung.

Ting phone beeped it’s her have a nice day at work see you soon thanks πŸ™‚ I replied-too formal Nethra take care!!

That evening I arranged a meeting with Karen and Nethra, they get along well where I became the stranger to them. Nethra said by tomorrow evening she will shift and asked me to join her. The next day we took all her luggage and went to Karen’s home and arranged in the room Karen allotted. She had a pillow a lil pillow and a blanket oops usually everyone has right :p She had a piggy bank, her bag isn’t messy she had lots of clothes with her she asked me to stay quiet I sat on her bed while she was arranging things. I noticed that she never had a make up set except a three shades of lipstick and 4shades of nail paint and 4perfumes I wondered how she is so organized that she keeps wherever it has to be I remembered my mom after a long time. She decorated the windows with serial lights and added windchimes her room looked amazing. She went to the kitchen, arranged it cleaned it,in minutes Karen and Nethra became friends.

Nethra wants everything perfect I could remember by mom she made me to remember her. I went home after spending few hours with her sorting stuffs and having dinner together.

She smiled at me when I leave

Around 11pm

Ting!! Phone beeped unusually I thought it might be shyam but my screen showed me this

1 new message Nethra!

To be continued πŸ™‚

– scribbler


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